Public Education & Teacher Salaries


As a former educator, Wendy understands the importance of fully funding public education and adequately compensating our state's teachers.

Access to Affordable Healthcare


Healthcare should be affordable and accessible, and as your state representative, Wendy will fight for resources for our small-town hospitals.

Rebuilding our Crumbling Infrastructure


Wendy believes in fully funding infrastructure for the much needed repairs of unsafe roads and bridges (locally and on state highways).

Economic Development


During her time on the Bay St. Louis city council, Wendy built a solid record of supporting small business and was committed to the development of the municipal harbor.  

Public Employee Retirement System (PERS)


Wendy understands the hard work and sacrifice that goes along with being a state or public employee. That is why Wendy fully supports the Public Employee Retirement System.

Ask a question!


Wendy is running to be an advocate for the people of HD 122. She wants to hear your thoughts. Please reach out, and let's move forward together!